Back at it!!

So time flies! While we have continued to run the Hockey Night in Headingley Twitter account @HNIHblog, it’s been a year since we last posted on this blog. This has been a crazy year for Janice and I with a number of new courses, teaching overload, and continued politics within the economics department that we work all sapping our mental (and blogging) energy. With the academic year winding down, and Janice and I moving the economics department down our list of priorities, we are now ready for more research and more blogging!!

While some may ask why bother, the NHL season is over and there are just playoffs left, those of you that love hockey know that hockey never stops. Playoffs will run till June, followed by the NHL draft at the end of June, then big free agent signings starting up in July, the new World Cup of Hockey being held in September, and then what do you know…a new NHL season!!! And of course hockey parents out there know minor hockey and chasing the dream is a 12 month a year endeavour! It’s always hockey season.


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