In Praise of 3-on-3

I spent Saturday night at The Rink watching my two sons play 3-on-3 hockey.  We no longer register them for the traditional spring teams, but the boys aren’t quite ready to stop playing when the season winds down in March.  There’s also a long gap between the end of the regular season and the baseball/soccer season.  So they play 3-on-3, and love it.  We often hear people bemoaning the loss of unorganized pond hockey – that’s where kids can be creative and try new moves, where they can just play the game.   That’s what I like about 3-on-3.   There are some 3-on-3 leagues but I like the system at The Rink where the kids are just put on teams when they get there.  They play with a different group each week so the competitiveness of the league isn’t there, and they have to learn to play with new boys and girls each week.  All the benefits of pond hockey without the frostbite!



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